KLosters Toy Manufacturing Newsletter December 1, 2023 –                23 Pages

The Newsletter shows POS performance for the 4th Q  [up to mid November] for Hasbro, Mattel, Spin Master, Jakks Pacific and Funko. It also shows the top 5 IPs for Fashion Dolls, Action Figures, and Educational Toys, as reported at the end of November by the buyers at the major toy retailers – North America 9 retailers, Europe 8 retailers, and Emerging Markets 11 retailers. We also show Hasbro’s changing market share in Board Games at the same retailers.


KLosters Supply Chain Newsletter December  1,                   2023 – 10 Pages

We show continued erosion of online toy sales between November last year and this year which suggests two things – partly a trend towards brick and mortar but more so a trend affecting the category.

US: This Newsletter shows you toy buyers’ outlook               for November and December. It also looks at the i                  port picture.


Europe: Overall toy sales in October and November             – Dollars and Units.

China – Domestic sales trends, Toy Export picture,               Yuan devaluation

Japan – Growth drivers and POS growth October                 and November.

Finally, we are providing shelf space changes at WMT and TGT. We also provide shelf space readings for Fashion Dolls, Action Figures, Construction toys, Blasters and Educational toys, by company and major IPs.



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