Klosters Toy Manufacturing Newsletter May 1, 2023 – 25



 The Newsletter shows for Mattel, Hasbro and Jakks the       comparison between POS as reported by the toy buyers     and actual shipments as reported by the companies – in   addition to POS information for April. In the case of Spin   Master, and Funko, we show POS performance as   reported by the toy buyers for both the 1st Q as well as   for  April. All these data points include total top line as   well as major categories and IPs.  It also shows the top 5     IPs for Fashion Dolls, Action Figures, and Educational  Toys, as reported at the end of April by the buyers at the   major toy retailers – North America 9 retailers, Europe 7   retailers, and Emerging Markets 10 retailers. We also   show Hasbro’s changing market share in Board Games at   the same retailers


Klosters Toy Supply Chain Newsletter May 1, 2023 – 14 Pages


This Newsletter first looks at the Supply Chain issue – an issue which has not gone away. Its nature has completely changed. We are now looking at an excess of merchandise at the retailers and manufacturers and what this means.


We also consider the U.S. toy market and in particular the current and near-future outlook given consumer expectations. In terms of the international toy market, we take a look at Europe and China and their current situation.


 We also look at the consumer interest lines as shown on website tracking. This shows that consumer interest in the toy category is still negative which confirms our reading – based on buyers’ reports – that the market is still under water. There is one interesting exception to this statement – Learning Express.


Finally, we are providing shelf space changes between April 2019 and April 2023 at WMT and TGT. We also provide shelf space readings for Fashion Dolls, Action Figures, Construction toys, Blasters and Educational toys, by company and major IPs



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