Klosters Toy Newsletter


April 4,2021


The Klosters Toy Newsletter contains the following information:


Part 1: Toy Manufacturers – 35 pages


This Newsletter assesses the 1st Q 2021 sell-through performance of Hasbro, Mattel, Spinmaster, Jakks Pacific, Vtech/Leapfrog and Funko for the companies overall and their major subcategories

It also comments on the outlook for each of these companies for the second quarter as seen by the toy buyers

It reviews the latest information on movie releases affecting the toy industry in 2021

It identifies the top five competitive IPs for Fashion Dolls, Action Figures and Learning Toys, at the end of March at 29 major retailers on the same 29 retailers on six continents.

It also shows Hasbro’s performance in the Board Game category worldwide with market share changes in North America, Europe and Emerging Markets between June 2018 and March 2021.


Part 2: Supply Chain - 14 pages


This Newsletter looks at developing supply chain challenges and how they can affect prices or margins


We provide an update on the Covid-19 status in the U.S., Germany, 

France, Spain, China and Japan


We update the outlook for the U.S. market with retailer market share changes between 2017 and March 2021 plus changes in online migration


We look at how online searches for toys at the major retailers are changing.


We show how shelf space is changing for Fashion Dolls, Action Figures, Construction, Blasters and Learning toys.


Both Part 1 and Part 2 combined have a subscription fee of $150 for the monthly issue or $1200 for an annual subscription to be made via the link provided below.



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