April 4, 2021


The Learning Toy Synopsis - 8 Pages


The report contains the following information:


It shows the top five competitive IPs active in the category at each of the 29 retailers surveyed in 17 countries at the end of March 2021.


It reports on market share changes for the major companies active in the category broken down into North America, Europe and Emerging Markets for March 2021.


It provides shelf space changes for all major companies and IPs at Wal-Mart and Target starting September 25, 2017 and ending March 25, 2021February 25, 2021. It also includes commentary on retail inventory changes where applicable.


The article also looks at sell-through performance in the 1st Q 2021 for the two leaders in the category – Vtech/Leapfrog and Mattel


The subscription fee for the report is $50 for the monthly issue or $400 for an annual subscription to be made via the link provided below.:



Learning Toys Synopsis
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Learning Toys Synopsis
50.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

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