February Klosters Toy Newsletters February 2020 - Executive Summary:


I will be issuing an analysis of the influence wielded by the Social Media.  All subscribers to my February Newsletter, be that on a yearly or monthly basis, will be sent this report automatically


The February issues of both Newsletters - Klosters Toy Supply Chain Newsletter , the other the Klosters Toy Manufacturer Newsletter,  are now available.   They take a very close look at what is happening in the toy space during the past 30 days.  Its conclusions are based on retailer panel metrics and interviews with national buyers at 31 of  the major retailers in North America, Europe, AustralAsia, Latin America and Africa. The retailer panel metrics also include shelf space measurement of the major product categories, retail inventory changes, and market shares and sales progress where applicable. 


This information then allows solid and accurate assessments as to where the major manufacturers and retailers are in real time. 




The Toy Supply Chain Newsletter  covers developments in the U.S. and internationally; assesses the status and market shares of the leading toy retailers; provides shelf space data at the same retailers for the major  brands in the Fashion Doll, Action Figure, Construction Toy, Learning Space and Toys To Life categories; and looks at any and all supply chain events worldwide based on input from national buyers. 


The Toy Manufacturer Newsletter  reviews Hasbro, Jakks, Mattel, Spin Master, VTech/Leapfrog and Funko – problems, opportunities, and other issues; provides worldwide sell-through information for each of these manufacturers updated monthly; and tables the top five IPs for Fashion Dolls, Action Figures and Learning Space at 31 leading retailers in 18 large toy markets around the world. 


Both reports combined are priced monthly at $150 or singly at $75; yearly at $1200 both combined or $600 singly.


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