Toy Industry Assessment 11/15/2016

The Toy Industry Assessment provides an overview of the toy space worldwide and includes specific analyses as this relates to the leading U.S. toy retailers and  U.S. toy manufacturers. It scrutinizes developments in the major product categories – Fashion Dolls, Action Figures, Electronic Learning, Hybrids [Skylanders etc] and Games and Puzzles including shelf space movements for the first four. It also provides sales projections for ToysRUs, Mattel, Hasbro,  Jakks Pacific and Spin Master for the fourth quarter 2016 as well as for the full years 2016 and 2017.

The data points and sales projections provided in the Assessment are based on three source levels:

The first is the proprietary Klosters Retailer Panel which includes stores from the top ten toy retailers in the U.S. Feedback from the Klosters Retailer Panel is updated monthly and includes sell-through numbers, shelf space metrics and inventory levels as well as observations from the side of shop floor personnel and store management as to consumer behavior and manufacturers’ problems or opportunities.

The second is feedback provided by national buyers at the leading retailers both in the U.S. and elsewhere – Amazon, Target, ToysRUs and Wal-Mart in the U.S. and Amazon, ASDA, Carrefour, ToysRUs and others in Europe, Hong Kong, India, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa.

The third are contract-producers who manufacture for the leading toy companies including Mattel, Hasbro, Leapfrog and Jakks.

The specific subjects covered are listed under the separate Page Index for this issue.

The Toy Industry Assessment is issued as developments warrant it and complements the monthly Klosters Toy Newsletter.

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