Klosters Toy Newsletter May 2017 - Executive Summary;


The Toy Newsletter is provided by Klosters Trading, an organization known for its knowledge of the toy market place. It takes a very close look at what is happening in the toy space during the past 30 days.  Its conclusions are based on retailer panel metrics and interviews with national buyers at the major retailers in the North America, Europe, AustralAsia, Latin America and South Africa. The retailer panel metrics also include shelf space measurement of the major product categories, retail inventory changes, and market shares and sales progress where applicable.


This information then allows solid and accurate assessments as to where the major manufacturers are in terms of their major product groups.


Where applicable, the Toy Newsletter also comments on sales performance and outlook for the major toy manufacturers.


The review covers Hasbro, Jakks, Leapfrog/VTech, Mattel and Spin Master and also looks specifically at what is happening in the hybrid space – Skylanders, Infinity,  Amiibo, Sick Bricks and also Lego Dimensions.


It also looks at and ranks the top five bestselling Fashion Doll, Action Figure, Board Games and Electronic Learning products in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the U.K. plus China, India and Hong Kong,  Austrialia and New Zealand plus Brazil and South Africa. We also look at market share changes for each of the four toy categories in the territories mentioned


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