Klosters Trading Corporation offers one Newsletter in two parts.


Both are issued monthly - one is the mnthly Klosters Toy Supply Chain Newsletter; the other the Toy Manufacturer Newsletter. The monthly cost is  $150 for the two; a yearly subscription is at $1200 for both. 


* Both are based on three sources. One is the proprietary Klosters Retailer Panel which includes stores from ten leading U.S. toy retailers and which provides data on sell-through, inventory levels, shelf space and other major factors affecting the leading toy manufacturers. The second are national buyers at 32 retailers in 18 countries including the U.S., China, Japan, India, Brazil, South Africa and most of Europe. They provide color on the key toy categories and the key toy manufacturers including top selling brands, market shares etc. The third are toy manufacturers located in China who produce on a subcontractin basis for the large U.S. and European toy companies and who provide insight into supply chain issues, technical and manufacturing problems,  and other factors having a bearing on the toy market and the toy companies.   


* The Toy Supply Chain Newsletter covers developments in the U.S. and internationally; assesses the status and market shares of the leading toy retailers; provides shelf space data at the same retailers for the major  brands in the Fashion Doll, Action Figure, Construction Toy, Learning Space and Toys To Life categories; and looks at any and all supply chain events worldwide based on input from national buyers . It takes also a long, hard look at ToysRUs and the implications of its demise


*The second is the Toy Manufacturer Newsletter which reviews Hasbro, Jakks, Mattel, Spin Master, Funko and VTech/Leapfrog – problems, opportunities, and other issues; provides worldwide sales projections for each of these manufacturers updated monthly for the quarter and the year; and tables the top five IPs for Fashion Dolls, Action Figures and Learning Space at 27 leading retailers in 16 large toy markets around the world. It also assesses the impact of ToysRUs' death on Mattel and Hasbro


Both publications are copyrighted and their use is limited to the entity purchasing it. Their contents may not, in full or part, be otherwise copied,or duplicated or distributed in any form or manner including printed or electronic media, regardless of whether for a fee or gratis, without the express prior permission by Klosters Trading Corporation.


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