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Lutz Muller died on January 14, 2024. This business is no longer active and this website will no longer be kept active.




Klosters Trading Corporation, in business since 1987, is a provider of competitive insights into the toy retail space worldwide. In addition, Klosters follows all major public companies engaged in the toy industry


Klosters' clients are large finance entities who use Klosters as a resource for intelligence data on which to base strategies or recommendations. Also, non-publicly quoted toy companies are a major part of Klosters' clientele. 


Klosters relies on four source levels. The first is an exclusive retailer panel of ten retail stores engaged in the sale of toys. This panel – which includes Wal-Mart, Target, Barnes & Noble, and seven other significant retailers -  provides sell-though data, market share data, inventory assessments, pricing data, shelf space metrics and a review of manufacturer-related problems and opportunities as these apply to the specific individual store. The second are national buyers at large toy retailers, both brick-and-mortar as well as internet-based,  in the U.S., Europe, Australasia, Latin America and South Africa -in total 32 retailers in 18 countries. These provide color on products, manufacturers and consumer  reactions. The third are third-party manufacturers in China who share information on costing, production and supply chain issues relating to the toy industry.  The last are large toy distributors in significant markets - India, Indonesia, Mexico, Scandinavia, South Africa etc. 


Lutz Muller, the owner, also publishes a  monthly subscription Newsletter in two parrts - the Toy Manufacturer  and the Toy Supply Chain Newsletter. He also tracks the performance of all media-promosted IPs in the U.S. Doll and Action Figure space.



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