Lutz is a Swiss who came to the U.S. the long way around - from a small alpine village in Switzerland to Asia, then the UK and Belgium, then Australia and Brazil. His background can be summarized by three concepts - CEO, packaged consumer goods, turn-arounds.


Lutz is multi-lingual - he speaks fluently Swiss German, English, German, French. Thai and serviceable Portugnol and Lao. He was educated on three continents including North America at Harvard. He is also a member of MENSA. 


His skills include overseas sourcing, logistics, guerilla marketing and "big box" selling in addition to the normal skills one would expect from a senior manager of medium-sized manufacturing units.


He has since 1981 held the following positions:


1981 - 1984 Senior Director at Schering Plough, a leading pharmaceutical/consumer products multinational where he was in charge of international marketing at Headquarters. 


1984 - 1987  CEO of DKSH [USA], a Swiss-owned mini-conglomerate and a turn-around. By getting into Wal-Mart's toy aisle with a new concept - crafts for children - which turned into the Activity Kit Category we know today, the turn-around was successful. Was also President of Fogal USA, Fogal California and Fogal Canada.


1987 - now    President of Klosters Trading Corporation - Lutz founded this consulting company to achieve two things. One was to provide competitive intelligence to large financial entities interested in the CPG space; and the other to assist companies in need of help in the areas of new product development, sales and marketing. 


1997 - 2001   CEO Pastime Industries Inc. Pastime was a turn-around, a company that had been delisted by Wal-Mart, Target, ToysRUs and many others. Lutz' team invented the "Children make their own Candies" and then "Children make their own Beauty Aids" activity kit concepts and placed these in Wal-Mart, Target, ToysRUs, Costco and many others.


2000 - 2001   CEO of OSI International - a small private label manufacturer of scents which again was a turn-around. The company was successfully sold.


2002 - 2003   Court-appointed Chief Financial Agent [CFA] for a toy manufacturer in Chapter 11.


2003 - today  President of Klosters Trading Corporation. Provision of business intelligence to large financial institutions - banks, hedge funds, venture capital companies - as well as to non-publicly quoted toy manufacturers.


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