Compliance Affirmation by Lutz D Muller:


I have not been employed by a public company or served as a director at a public company in the past 6 months. I am not an employee of an investment banking or private equity firm. I do not (i) serve on a safety committee; (ii) act as lead investigator; or (iii) have access to any unblinded trial results on any clinical research. I do not serve on Medical or Scientific Advisory Boards and have not in the past 6 months


I do not believe that I possess material, non-public information relating to any subject I am discussing with my client. The consultations I undertake do not present a conflict of interest for me or cause me to breach the terms of any employment or consulting agreement, including any restriction on providing services to persons other than my employer or consulting client. I understand that I must not disclose any confidential information during any consulting engagement including information that may be deemed material, non-public information


I caution all my contacts at the beginning of every verbal conversation or written information exchange not to disclose any information to me that could be in conflict with their employment agreement, or their company regulations, or confidentiality agreements or could be construed as insider information. 


I also will not disclose the identity of any of my information sources unless so ordered by a Court of Law.


I do not invest in any company that I follow in my professional capacity.


Any insights provided by me are given for informational purposes only and not intended as an offer or solicitation to purchase or sale of a security. Any decision to purchase securities of companies mentioned by me must take into account existing public information on such security.