This project provides POS data for these five companies on a worldwide basis based on toy buyers' input. Data is given for two quarters - the most recent one and the current one as available a couple of days go. 



These  are the data points covered for each of these five companies:


POS quarterly worldwide      
Mattel     Hasbro     Jakks
Barbie     Angry Birds   Total
Princess     Spiderman/Venom   US
Monsters     Loki     International
DC Super Hero Girls   G I Joe     Costumes
Other Dolls   P J Masks     Dolls
Hot Wheels   Power Rangers   Action Figures
Other Vehicles   Black Panther   Collectibles
Games incl Radica   Ant Man/Shang Chi    
Justice/Aqua   Star Wars     Spin Master
Toy Story     Transf     Gross Product Sales
WWE     Mrv/Capt Am   Net Sales
Jurassic     Guardians    Games(includes Gund)
BTS     Xmen/Avengers   Remote Control, Interactive
CARS     Trolls     Boys Action and Hi Tech
Max Steel   Thor     Preschool and Girls
Minions     Ghostbusters   Outdoor
Others      Cruella     Total
Total     Aladdin      
      Ricky Zoom    
Total Gross   Baby Yoda   Funko
US B/G     Othrs     Total Revenue
US Preschool   Subtotal     U.S. Revenue
US AG     Playmation   of which U.S. Figures
US Mega     Nerf     of which U.S.non figures
Others     Bayblades   International Revenue
Acquisitions   Super Soakers   of which Intl Figures
North America         of which Intl non-figures
Int B/G     Princess     Total Figurnes
Int Preschool   Frozen     Other
Am Girl     Pony     Non-Figurines
Int Mega     Petshop     LoungeFly
Int Other     Peppa Pig   other
International   Descendants    
      Easy Bake Oven    
B/G worldwide   Others      
Preschool WW   Total Girl      
Mega WW          
AG     Sesame      
Others     Furby/Furreal    
Total     Playskool      
      Baby Alive    
      Total Preschool    
      Games regular    
      Games Franchise    
      Total Games    
      Total without eOne    
      eOne [w/o toys]    
      Grand Total    


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POS report - single report one company
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Project POS Worldwide - all five companies
1,000.00 USD

Project POS worldwide data for Hasbro, Mattel, Jakks, Spin Master, and Funko - for details please see above